FxPro Review 2024

Read our expert review on this winner of multiple international awards as to whether it is really among the best FOREX brokers in the world?
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🗺️ Regulatory Bodies FCA
💳 Minimum Deposit 100$
⚖️ Islamic Account No
💰 Payment Methods Bank transfer, credit card, Electronic banks
🏢 Main Branch United Kingdom
☎ Customer Service 24/5
🎮 Demo account not
🖥 Trading Platforms Proprietary Platform, Web platform,mt4,mt5,cTrader

Key Takeaways

  • FxPro is a well-regulated broker, founded in 2006.
  • FxPro is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa and the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB). 
  • FxPro has raked in 80 international awards for service and innovation since its inception.
  • FxPro’s No Dealer Desk (NDD) execution model speeds up trades immensely.
  • FxPro also offers spread betting in its UK home market, which can have tax advantages for clients there.
  • FxPro provides high-quality access to financial markets, with Contract for Differences (CFD) on over 260 instruments in six asset classes.
  • With 70 hefty FOREX pairs, as well as over 180 different equity shares, a range of cryptocurrencies, futures, commodities and stock indices, FxPro customers have a wealth of choice.
  • FxPro uses the well-recognized third-party trading platforms MetaTrader4 (MT4) and MetaTrader5 (MT5).
  • The broker has so far opened 1,866,000 client accounts in 170 countries and has executed over 455 million orders and counting.
  • FxPro rapidly and reliably executes about 7,000 trades per second.
  • FxPro offers traders a robust range of account types for different traders.
  • FxPro tenders high-quality, multilingual customer support on a 24/5 basis through live chat, email and phone.
  • FxPro offers competitive levels of spreads and commissions across its account types.
  • FxPro prides itself on fee transparency and tries to keep fees transparent while also offering a range of calculators to help traders make better investment decisions.
  • Traders can access a wealth of research and education tools. The material covers all asset classes and is sourced from reputable third-party information providers.
  • FxPro clients can easily download the full range of FxPro’s Web and mobile platforms through common vendors like Windows, the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store for Android.

FxPro Evaluate - research result

Overall Evaluation: 6.28
Deposits and Withdrawals
Trading Platform
Research and Development
Customer Service
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Trading Tools

Overall Summary

FxPro was founded in 2006 and has matured to become one of the premier online brokers in the world. This UK-headquartered company has been on a bull-run of growth since its inception and has gathered an impressive collection of awards along the way. To say it has simply won awards is an understatement. Indeed, FxPro has gained consistent global recognition for the quality of its service and the level of its innovation. The company proudly boasts a cabinet of 80 reputable international awards garnered over the years. It groups its awards into the following impressive categories:
  • 21 Best FOREX Provider awards.
  • 35 Best FOREX Broker awards.
  • 15 Best FOREX Tools/Service awards.
  • 13 Best FOREX Platform awards.
The list is stunning and is a testament to the company’s diligent aspiration toward keeping quality standards and consistent growth.
So, what lies behind all the gloss? FxPro is a highly recognizable industry name that is regulated by four major global regulators. The peerless FCA regulates FX Pro Limited UK while the CySEC and the FSCA of South Africa regulate the company’s international trading arm, FxPro Financial Services Limited. Another group company, FxPro Global Markets Limited, is regulated by the SCB.
FxPro offers a robust selection of investments for traders from which to choose. Focusing on six different asset classes, traders can invest in over 260 CFD financial instruments covering FOREX, futures, indices, shares, metals and energies. FxPro boasts top-level liquidity and lightning-quick execution. The lack of an intermediary dealing desk, which FxPro sells as a major differentiator, makes the process even faster.
FxPro offers trading on the well-known industry platforms, MT4 and MT5. The company also offers its proprietary platforms FxPro Trading for mobile and Web, and cTrader, a popular third-party platform with a user-friendly interface. The broker has combined these platforms into a smoothly integrated offering for all their clients. Traders can tailor-make their layout and take advantage of advanced trading features.
FxPro offers a powerful range of advanced tools, such as the FxPro Calculators, the FxPro Direct App, the FxPro Virtual Private Server (VPS) and the FxPro Market News, to name a few. Traders can also access an economic and earnings calendar, informative YouTube Webinars, expert market analysis, and trading trends from third-party market hub Trading Central. Further, FxPro has a well-stocked repository of information in its research and education department that traders of all levels can enjoy.
FxPro places a major focus on customer service. It offers multilingual customer support via email, callback and live chat on a 24/5 basis. FxPro uses all these advantages to provide would-be clientele with several convincing reasons to invest with it, namely: 
It has executed over 455 million orders and counting. 
  • It has opened over 1,866,000 client accounts. 
  • It has clientele from 170 countries.
  • It has deep liquidity of €100 million of tier-1 capital.
  • It has opened seven global sponsorships of elite teams in Formula 1 and football.
  • It rapidly fulfils its orders in less than 11.06 microsecond (ms) each.
  • It can execute about 7,000 trades per second. 
Broker Evaluation
Year of Establishment
Main Branch
Other Branches
United Arab Emirates
Supported Languages
32 Languages including English
Operating Hours
Market Opening Hours

Who Is FxPro Good For?

FxPro is perfect for traders who enjoy a vast array of choices in trading markets and who expect superior platform functionality. Novice traders can just as easily find a place in the FxPro stable as there are many welcoming resources for new clients. Its combination of competitive fees, high number of investment choices, and emphasis on customer service, will suit traders from any end of the experience spectrum. 
FxPro’s robust range of 70 FOREX pairs and its ability to offer traders access to equity indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities and futures, puts it in a good light against all its competitors. Users can trade on over 260 CFD instruments on a mostly commission-free basis, depending on the platform they use. They only must pay spreads and swaps.
With its strong range of tools that are equally useful on desktop applications, Web and mobile, traders with any device preference can benefit. Clients can also access a range of different trading tools, such as calculators and earnings calendars.
This total package means that it caters to every level of trader. Combining its competitive offering, wealth of choices, and successful history, there is little FxPro cannot offer in the industry. Here are the pros and cons of investing with FxPro:


  • Its NDD execution model speeds up trades.
  • The FxPro VPS Service offers automated trading solutions.
  • Advanced algorithmic trading through cTrader allows for algorithmic trading strategies and back-testing.
  • Real-time news feeds.
  • Above-average breadth of product offering.
  • Transparent pricing.
  • Globally regulated by the FCA, the CySEC, the FSCA of South Africa and the SCB.
  • Commission-free trading available.
  • Wide range of trading platforms available.
  • Competitive spreads with no commission.
  • Rapid execution with most orders filled in under 11ms.
  • Ultra-low latency third-party data center colocation speeds up trades.
  • Tier-1 level liquidity.


  • Some fees, like the $30/month FxPro VPS Service, are high.
  • No anonymous demo accounts.
  • Uneven educational offering.
  • No guaranteed stop-loss orders (GSLO), which traders can find with other brokers.
  • FxPro does not accept clients from the US, Iran and Canada.
Pros explained
Execution of Trades
FxPro is committed to full trading transparency. In their words, it has developed a “Model of execution that meets both trader demands and ethical standards.” This applies to its promise of executing trades at lightning-quick speeds. FxPro uses class-leading third-party data centers in London and Amsterdam. Its trading servers are networked and fiber-connected with top banks, which can provide superior liquidity through FxPro’s proprietary aggregator Quotix.
Further Explanation of NDD
FxPro places a great emphasis on being an NDD broker. It markets this aggressively to potential clients, so it is worth understanding its angle. FxPro is a true NDD execution broker, meaning that – unlike the rest of its competitors – it executes client orders with no dealing-desk intervention. The company positions this as a big differentiator for those who understand it. Because of the vast deluge of client trades, FxPro internally matches much of its order flow. This means it can reduce the risk of interfering with trades. Therefore, its trade executions are consistently fast.
Why FxPro is not a Straight-Through-Processing (STP) Broker
FxPro claims not to be an STP broker. STP is a post-execution, post-trade communication process between executing counter parties that has no impact on the speed or price of trade execution. FxPro uses STP technologies, but it prefers to be called an NDD broker as it most closely aligns with its order-execution style.
Why FxPro is not an Electronic Communication Network (ECN) Broker
An ECN broker is often confused with an NDD broker, but they are not the same thing. ECN refers to the anonymous communication between executing counter parties that may, through interruption or failure, result in no guaranteed fills and worse pricing for the retail trader. 
Trading Account Information
Account Currency
Minimum Deposit
Segregated Accounts
Payment Methods
Bank transfer, Credit card, Electronic Banks.
Accepting US Clients
Available Markets
FOREX, Futures, Indices, Shares, Metals, Energies, cryptocurrency
Demo Account Duration
30 Days

Is FxPro Safe?

FxPro comes as close as possible to being a sure thing, so it is considered very safe. The company has worked hard to earn a five-star reputation. It is respected and globally recognized through its trading record of accomplishment and marketing efforts. FxPro is also a vigorous advocate of transparency and good governance. It has set up the highest safety standards for client investments. As part of this governance approach, client funds are ring-fenced and kept in top-tier banks, and there is total segregation from company funds. This ring fencing is an industry best practice after the Worldspreads scandal in 2012, when a UK broker went bankrupt after merging client funds with operating funds. 
Besides subjecting itself to stringent regulation from the FCA, the CySEC, the FSCA of South Africa and the SCB, as aforementioned, FxPro offers further protection to clients, as detailed below:
  • It offers a negative balance protection policy as part of new EU guidelines that cut instances where clients lose more money than they had deposited.
  • Global big four consulting firm, PWC, audits its financial reports.
  • FxPro UK Limited is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which guarantees affected traders up to £85,000 if a broker goes insolvent. 
  • FxPro Financial Services Limited is a member company of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).
  • FxPro also touts that it has one of the highest counterparty credit ratings in the industry, scoring 95 out of 100 as judged by reputable third-party credit ratings companies. A high score shows a safer company. FxPro reminds clients that the industry average is a lowly 66.
  • It segregates client funds from company funds and holds them in premier banks, like Barclays and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Offering of Investments

Available assets

Markets Available Number of Assets
Currency Pairs 70
Stocks 2067
Commodities 12
Crypto 26
Indices 22
FxPro has many investment products on offer. Traders can take advantage of FxPro’s high-quality access to global financial markets, through its advanced execution model. Traders can access the world of online trading with CFDs on over 260 instruments in six asset classes. Highlights of this include access to 70 FOREX pairs and over 180 different equity shares, cryptocurrencies, futures, commodities and stock indices. Traders can make their choice between shares of 150+ global companies – all this with the rapid and reliable NDD order execution and dividend payments. Here are the six asset classes that allow traders to run a diversified cross-asset portfolio:
  1. FOREX.
  2. Futures.
  3. Indices.
  5. Metals. 
  6. Energies.
FxPro also offers trading in spread betting, which is an exciting product in FxPro’s UK home market, as it can have tax advantages for UK clients. Trading costs, such as spreads, commissions and overnight fees, may differ per trader, depending on the instrument being traded and account type opened.
Depending on the asset being traded, its lot size, and where the account is domiciled, FxPro offers dynamic leverage. The broker’s Website has a full list of all the assets and their available leverage so that you know what to expect before you get started.

Account Types

Account Type Minimum Deposit Spread Commission Commission Swap Commission Deposit Commission Withdrawal Commission
Basic account $100 Starting from 1.5 pips 30 cents Not mentioned Starting at $0 with credit cards and wire transfer, and up to to 2% with electronic banks. 1.5% when using credit cards and/or electronic banks and up to 30$ with bank transfers.
Professional account $1000 Starting from 1 pips 25 cents Not mentioned Starting at $0 with credit cards and wire transfer, and up to to 2% with electronic banks. 1.5% when using credit cards and/or electronic banks and up to 30$ with bank transfers.
Raw+ $1000 Starting from 0.2 pips 15 cents Not mentioned Starting at $0 with credit cards and wire transfer, and up to to 2% with electronic banks. 1.5% when using credit cards and/or electronic banks and up to 30$ with bank transfers.
Elite $30k Starting from 0.2 pips 15 cents Not mentioned Starting at $0 with credit cards and wire transfer, and up to to 2% with electronic banks. 1.5% when using credit cards and/or electronic banks and up to 30$ with bank transfers.
FxPro has always been an advocate of transparency and fairness in the FOREX industry. It has made demonstrable efforts to remove what it calls “conflicts of interest between broker and client.” Moreover, it offers several different accounts to cater for the needs of many traders:
  1. MT4 Account with fixed spreads and instant execution.
  2. MT4 Account with floating spreads and instant execution.
  3. MT4 Account with floating spreads and market execution.
  4. cTrader Account with floating spreads and market execution.
  5. MT5 Account with floating spreads and market execution.
The number of accounts may at first seem overwhelming. FxPro supplies a powerful and comprehensive comparison tool that lists each account by CFD instruments, trade sizes, trade costs, execution models, and stop outs. Seeing these options laid side by side gives even a new trader a clear graphical representation of what could work for them.

Other Types of Accounts

Corporate Accounts: Traders can open a trading account in their company name using the normal sign-up process. They simply need to enter the details of the authorized representative and thereafter upload company documentation.
Swap-Free Accounts: FxPro gives traders the opportunity to open Swap-Free Accounts for religious purposes. They simply need to contact customer support for quick help.
Joint Accounts: FxPro also offers joint accounts. Each individual needs to open an individual FxPro account before they can lodge a joint account request. This is open to married couples or first-degree relatives only.
VIP Premium Accounts: These accounts are open to high-depositing individuals. Typically, $50,000 qualifies you as a VIP client. FxPro individually selects these account holders. The benefits include free VPS service and reduced spreads or commissions in specific instances.
Demo Accounts: FxPro sees Demo Accounts as an important avenue for trading novices to learn how to trade. Also, seasoned traders can open Demo Accounts to test their strategies with no risk.

Account Opening

Opening an account with FxPro is easy. Clicking the “Register” button on the account page opens options for new traders to fill in their personal information and choose a password. To better serve their clientele, FxPro asks clients for information about their financial status and investment plans.
Trading experience matters in this section, as FxPro is intent on supplying the correct amount of support. There is even a quick test for financial markets knowledge that helps tell the broker what level of customer support the trader might need, and users can then set their own trading account settings. Of course, some of these processes may differ based on which jurisdiction the account is from.
From the client portal area, users can manage their trading accounts, open demo trading accounts, deposit and withdraw funds from the FxPro Wallet and access different trading tools and resources.

Deposits and Withdrawals

FxPro offers a selection of deposits for traders to top up their FxPro Wallets. The broker describes the FxPro Wallet as, “A money and risk management tool.” It is a useful central account from which you can transfer money to all your other trading accounts in a few simple steps. 
The benefits of routing deposits through the FxPro Wallet, as opposed to depositing directly into accounts, is that trader deposits are protected from any open positions that may exist in the trading account. Traders can then effortlessly move funds between multiple trading accounts inside their FxPro Wallet.
Deposit options include bank wire transfers, credit or debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and UnionPay. All processing times for deposits are usually done within 10 minutes, except for bank wire transfers, which are often decided by the location of the bank. Third-party bank fees may apply. 
In the main, FxPro does not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals. There is, however, a 2.6% fee applicable to a withdrawal that is requested with no trading activity. This is high by industry standards. 

Customer Service

According to the FxPro Website, its vision is to, “Place our clients' needs at the heart of our operations to retain our reputation as one of the most reliable and trusted brokers.”
Traders can access FxPro customer support through the live chat feature. They can also request a callback, or they can place a call, email or even visit a UK office location. The multilingual support team is available 24/5. While some brokers offer 24/7 customer help, it is debatable whether it is any better than a 24/5 offering. Traders from as far afield as France, Germany, the UAE and Russia can access its toll-free facilities. 
FxPro also offers limited social media support via Twitter. However, this tends to be newsflashes of key company or industry events rather than real customer support. FxPro also has a powerful FAQs section that handles the usual questions traders ask.
Advantages of Trading
Maximum Leverage
Minimum Lot Size
0.01 lot
Available FOREX Pairs
70 Currency Pairs
Starting from 1.2 pips
Trailing Stop
Islamic Account
Trading Platforms
Proprietary Platform, Web Platform, MT4, MT5 ,cTrader
Regulatory Bodies
Broker Type

Commissions and Fees

Like most brokers, FxPro does not levy commissions on several trades. The company is at pains to advertise its lack of an expensive dealing desk, thus allowing it to pass on cost savings to traders. FxPro is transparent on all trading costs and shows positive and negative swap rates. Traders can verify swap rates for themselves on the MT4 trading platform.
On the cTrader platform, traders can check detailed commissions and a range of more information from the deal ticket. They simply need to click on the “Information” button when placing an order. FxPro offers commission-free trading on its MT4, MT5 and FxPro trading platforms, with just spreads and swaps payable. There is a small mark-up on spreads for FOREX and metals. cTrader users should know the broker will charge them $45 per $1 million traded when opening and closing a position on FOREX pairs and spot metals.
FxPro generates some of its revenues from a combination of spreads and commissions. Spreads on a popular currency pair, such as the EUR/USD, start from 1.5 pips on MT4, and 0.2 pips where commissions apply on cTrader. 
Some of FxPro’s fees are high. The aforementioned 2.6% withdrawal fee from a non-trading account is one example. At the same time, inactive traders will have to pay a $15 dormant account fee after 12 months with no trading activity, followed by a $5 monthly fee. FxPro does not appear to offer any discounts for higher volume traders.

Platforms and Tools

FxPro’s stated strategy is to “Evolve with the times. To continuously refine our services to cater to the needs of traders in this highly dynamic industry.” The broker offers clients a wide range of desktop trading platforms, including MT4, MT5, cTrader, as well as its proprietary platform, FxPro Edge. The user experience for its Web-based platforms is at the top-end of the market. Here are some of the beneficial tools that traders can get from FxPro’s platforms: 
  • Insightful market indicators.
  • Charting tools with timeframe functionality.
  • Detachable chart windows.
  • Innovative trading widgets.
  • Customizable layouts and themes.
Traders also have the choice to make customizable watchlists and place conditional orders. Hedging is still not possible on MT5, as traders can only cancel offsetting orders. In line with its commitment to innovation, FxPro has several handy tools that enhance the trading experience and deliver traders to the cutting of market events. 
FxPro gives traders a view of how the rest of the market is trading. This market positioning is a handy tool for inexperienced users who are unsure of their strategies. Demo Account trading allows new and veteran traders to test out their strategies. One unique FxPro feature is its ability to give traders a real-time audio alert box that highlights key market changes. Traders can also activate an industry news ticker that features all the latest market headlines from Trading Central’s WebTV. Here are some highlights of the Web trading platforms FxPro offers:
FxPro MT4
  • Available for Windows and Mac desktop and via Web.
  • Choose from three chart types.
  • Use nine timeframes.
  • See 50 technical indicators.
  • Activate trading robots.
FxPro MT5
  • Available for Windows and Mac desktop and via Web.
  • Use 21 timeframes.
  • Access up to 100 charts together.
  • Use multiple order types.
  • Access real-time market information.
FxPro cTrader
  • Windows desktop download enabled.
  • Access full market insights.
  • No restrictions on stop/limit levels.
  • Rapid order fulfilment.
FxPro Edge 
  • Available via Web.
  • See 50 technical indicators.
  • Customize helpful trading widgets.
  • View six chart types.
  • Use 15 timeframes.

Mobile Trading

The FxPro mobile trading app gives traders a complete solution for managing their accounts and funds, all from an integrated platform. You will not need more than one Web application to trade on your phone. The FxPro mobile offering is available in both iOS and Android. It comes equipped with elevated levels of personal data encryption. It uses a two-step authentication process, adding extra security to your account and financial transactions.
The FxPro app has several helpful features. Traders can stay up to date with economic events with real-time data releases from the natively integrated economic calendar. Helpful event alerts ensure traders miss nothing. For volatile markets, push notifications can give traders insights into market movements.
Traders can activate mobile price alerts. They simply need to select the trading instruments and choose whether to be alerted to the bid or ask price. Traders will also receive help from multiple calculators that will at once help them decide on margins on selected currency pairs, as well as supplying insight on leverage and lot sizing. The app also offers powerful educational videos that will aid new traders who need to improve their knowledge. Like the Web versions, the mobile app also features an in-depth FAQs page that covers topics related to trading.
The charting option on the FxPro mobile app is good by industry standards. Traders can choose the time frames they wish to watch, and they can easily add other trading indicators, such as moving averages. Once your preferences have been set up, you can trade from the chart in a few simple steps. The FxPro mobile trading app offers the following features:
  • Available for iOS and Android.
  • Simple sign-up.
  • One-stop trading platform.
  • In-built economic calendar.
  • Open and manage accounts.
  • Deposit and withdraw easily.
  • Enable volatility push notifications.

Research and Development

FxPro's research and insights tools are streets ahead of what much of the industry offers. Like many brokers, FxPro platforms have an in-built functionality to track major market movements. Traders can also find easily digestible research produced by third-party information hub Trading Central that can help inform their decisions. 
To cement its international appeal, FxPro hosts multilingual Webinars on its YouTube channel. Its real-time news coverage is also above industry standard. The educational section is fully stocked, and the company updates its channels with daily news and updates.


The research section, otherwise known as the News and Analysis section, holds the following categories: 
Economic Calendar. It is easy to follow and provides traders with an overview of all events scheduled for the live session and their potential market impact. It is well structured and holds digestible explanations and a small selection of historic data.
Earnings Calendar. This helpful tool is split by sections called Earnings, Shares Ex-Dividends and Spot Indices Dividend Adjustment. It is a quite easy to follow and useful calendar that helps traders interested in share trading and spot indices.
Market Holidays. Diligent traders often wish to project what impact market holidays will have on their investments. This starts with knowing for when each market holiday and market interruption is scheduled. 
FxPro Market News. Traders will find insightful research and analysis that is constantly updated throughout the day. The FxPro Market News section makes for essential reading. Traders can choose to pay attention to Daily Outlook, Market Snapshots or the Crypto Review.
Technical Analysis by Trading Central. Traders often spend a lot of time analyzing the market and trying to produce usable forecasts. Keeping up to date with the stream of news updates is difficult, even for the most committed investor. This is where high quality, reliable analytics are so important. Partnering with Trading Central, FxPro has created an invaluable technical analysis resource for its clients. 


FxPro’s education section is a well-designed, interactive learning section. New traders can broaden their knowledge base by applying themselves to the course. The educational material does an outstanding job of introducing students to a broad range of trading concepts. One criticism of this section is that it does not lay the videos out in meaningful order, and it does not lead students on a planned journey; they simply must connect the vast amount of information by themselves. Here are some of the core topics covered:
Basics. This introductory course holds topics such asWhat is a financial market?” “How to trade on the financial market,” “What is margin?” and “What is a CFD?”
Fundamental Analysis. In this section, new traders get to learn how to analyze the market using important numbers. Examples of topics are, “What is a fundamental analysis”? “Leading and lagging indicators” etc.
Technical Analysis. This section explains how to make sense of trend lines and patterns in financial graphs.
Psychology. To the broker’s credit, this key area receives a lot of attention. The material alerts new traders to biases under which they may work, such as the sunk cost effect on trading strategies. Of particular note is the section on “Novice trader mistakes.”
Trading Tests. The trading tests start out with multiple-choice questions covering what traders have learned. The questions test simple recall functions, and students cannot progress until they select the right answer. 

Trading Tools

The last section covers trading tools. It bills the material in this section as “Everything traders need to know for decision making.” It gives a detailed “how-to” look at each of FxPro’s Web and mobile trading platforms.
Trader’s Dashboard. This area introduces traders to the list of helpful widgets that will enhance their trading experience.
FxPro Calculators. It introduces traders to a range of calculators, and the material explains each of their use cases. The section has helpful practical examples.
FxPro Direct App. Here, traders are shown how to manage their trading accounts on the go. It gives a detailed breakdown of the benefits and applications of the FxPro mobile app. 
FxPro VPS. This section introduces the virtual 24/7 server for Expert Advisors (EA). VIP clients get free access to this function, while everyone else must pay for it.
Download Center. In this section, traders can select and download the trading platform that is exactly right for them.

Final Thoughts

FxPro is a safe and well-regulated broker, bound by the stringent rules of four significant regulators. The broker’s stellar growth since its inception owes a lot to its comprehensive investment offering. It clearly understands the trading world and works hard to develop tools that make the client trading experience more pleasant. Traders receive help from the consistently fast and secure execution of trades through the NDD execution model that FxPro employs. With broadly competitive fees and tight spreads in the cTrader platform especially, traders can forgive the odd hefty charge. FxPro’s powerful and diversified asset base across six classes will keep even the most seasoned traders satisfied.
Meanwhile, the FxPro Wallet is a useful tool that makes moving funds across accounts fast and painless. FxPro’s highly skilled and diverse customer service team can be contacted through a variety of methods. The broker is a darling of awards panels for good reason. With 80 international awards to its name, FxPro has reaped the rewards of its consistent customer-centric focus. In partnership with Trading Central, the broker has created a research and education package that is comprehensive and detailed, even if it lacks structure sometimes.
FxPro is a place for new traders and seasoned traders alike. FxPro is a market-leading broker with an ever-expanding number of accounts and number of completed trades. Its wide selection of trading platforms has something for every type of user, and the broker continues to improve the functionality and utility of these tools. FxPro is an example of how consistent and skilled leadership and the adherence to a plan can take a broker to the heights of its industry.


FxPro continues to be a hard act for its competitors to follow. The group is successful because it does not have an obvious weakness. Traders of all levels can find a niche among the range of investment products. The company’s trading tools are mature and user-friendly, and they are improving all the time with additional functions and widgets in development.
If traders need help and direction, then FxPro’s comprehensive customer desk is on hand to assist. For further guidance, its educational repository is filled with well-made resources that traders can use at their own pace. 
In the meantime, FxPro’s fees are broadly competitive, and their fee transparency keeps traders informed about what they are signing up for. With continued investment in infrastructure, like data center partnerships and its emphasis on eking out competitive edges in trade-execution speeds, FxPro makes for a formidable industry player that is here to stay.

FxPro in Brief

FxPro is a premium online broker that has built a formidable reputation based on excellent customer service, innovative tools and sustained growth. It is suitable for traders of all levels who will enjoy its competitive pricing, rapid trades and extensive research and educational tools.

Review Methodology

The team at Arincen collected more than 120 pieces of data covering in excess of 100 licensed FOREX companies. Data collection was done in three ways:
1. Companies’ Websites.
2. Other Websites that have ranked FOREX companies.
3. A survey questionnaire (referred to here as Survey “1”) we had sent to the companies invited to participate in the exercise.
We have identified 12 criteria for our assessment, each containing several aspects and carrying its own relative weight. These include licensing, deposits and withdrawals, number of assets etc. 
Afterward we validated the data by:
1. Registering with FOREX companies as a secret shopper and/or as Arincen.
2. Survey number “2,” in which we asked these companies’ customers for important feedback and past experience.
The next step saw us evaluate and rank each company, relying on the hard work of 15 Arincen employees. We were very careful in ensuring the most accurate assessment possible, including taking into account different languages, as well as the various mobile-app operating systems, e.g., Apple, Samsung etc.
To add credibility to our research project, we sent a final and third survey (referred to here as Survey “3”) to enable participating FOREX companies evaluate our own research and whether it accurately reflects the realities on the ground. We were fortunate enough to receive a mark of 9.9 out of 10! We have kept to a minimum the margin of error, which stood at a measly 1%. To learn more on how we came up with the evaluation, please click here.
fxpro trading website homepage
Trading platforms provided by fxpro trading company
Choose the best trading platform for you provided by fxpro for trading


Where is FxPro regulated?

FxPro is regulated by two tier-1 (high trust) regulators in the form of the UK’s FCA and the CySEC in Cyprus. The broker is also licensed by the FSCA in South Africa as well as the SCB in the Bahamas.

In what other ways does FxPro protect me?

The broker offers negative balance protection according to EU guidelines designed to protect traders from losing more money than they deposit. As mandated by the FCA, the broker also offers investor protection through the FSCS that guarantees affected traders up to £85,000 if a broker goes insolvent. The broker also offers investor protection of up to €20,000 with the ICF as part of its CySEC regulation.

Which countries does FxPro serve?

FxPro is a global broker. However, it does not accept traders from several countries, including, but not limited to the US, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Canada.

Does FxPro offer Cryptocurrency trading?

No. Traders will not be able to invest in cryptocurrencies with this broker.

Does FxPro provide any extra offerings?

No. FxPro does not offer any sign-up bonuses or similar promotions to new traders. This is due to strict guidelines enforced by the CySEC that prohibit this.

How do I fund my account?

FxPro offers a selection of methods for traders to top-up their FxPro wallets. Deposit and withdrawal options include bank wire transfers, credit or debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and UnionPay.

Which trading platforms does FxPro offer?

The broker offers clients access to a range of trading platforms that include MT4, MT5, cTrader, in addition to its proprietary platform, FxPro.com Edge.

How can I access customer service?

Traders can access customer support through the Live Chat feature. They can also request a call back, or they can place a call, email or even visit a UK office location. The multilingual support team is available 24/5.
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