FOREX & CFDs Brokers List

Behind every FOREX & CFD trader is a great broker. Arincen has done the hard part for you by conducting an in-depth study of over 100 trading Brokers worldwide. All you need to do is pick a broker from our curated list of the best, most trustworthy FOREX brokers.

FOREX Brokers List

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ICM capital
ig markets
think markets

Do I need a FOREX broker?

Yes - every FOREX trader needs a broker. Trading FOREX is done on the international market, and only members (i.e. brokers) of the exchanges can make trades.

What does a FOREX broker do?

FOREX brokerage firms are intermediaries between traders and the FOREX market to execute “buy” and “sell” orders on different currency pairs toward a spread. Trading companies typically offer three services: opening an account, executing deposits and withdrawals, and providing users with a trading platform. As for services such as coaching and signals, these can be obtained from trading sevice websites such as the Arincen Network. Our advice is to always register through Arincen or a website like ours to ensure trouble-free professionalism.

How can I find a trusted Broker?

Traders are increasingly entering the FOREX market for the lucrative profits it offers. However, with so many trading Brokers and the fears associated with them, there is always this worry of how to pick the right company for you.

Perhaps you have heard of FOREX firms claiming to boast certain licenses, something that might not be very true. It is, therefore, essential you ensure that the FOREX broker you have picked has licensing by a tier-1 watchdog, such as the UK’s FCA, which is arguably the best financial regulatory body in the world today.

To create this comprehensive list of trading companies, Arincen’s work on this study spanned an entire year, having analyzed 120 pieces of data for over 100 brokers worldwide. We did this based on the information contained in these brokers’ websites, as well as from sites that have published reviews in the past. To add credibility to our study, we have added three layers of extra precision by sending three surveys: first, to traders themselves; second, to the companies in question by asking them about the quality of our work; and third, by registering with these brokers anonymously as a secret shopper.

Among other things, we examined the extent to which the broker is suitable for traders in different countries, its mobile app, its desktop functionality, etc. You can learn more about how we conducted our research by visiting the relevant page on our website.

What can a FOREX & CFDs broker do for me?

Any FOREX broker from our list of international trading companies will be able to offer the following for you:

  • Licenses.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals.
  • Competitive Spreads and Commissions.
  • Assets on offer, whether currencies, crypto, stocks or commodities.
  • Trading Platform.
  • Customer Services.