US Plays Catch-Up as China, EU Forge Ahead in Regulating AI

US Plays Catch-Up as China, EU Forge Ahead in Regulating AI
Chief executives of three major Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies recently met with the Biden administration behind closed doors to discuss the dangers posed by AI technology. This comes before ChatGPT CEO Sam Altman meets with House leadership next week as lawmakers continue to work on rushing through plans for AI regulation.
Notes from the recent meeting show that the Biden administration is looking for AI leaders to demonstrate greater transparency with policymakers and the public and to discuss their measures around security from malicious attacks.
Technology watchers have noted that while the US government is urging CEOs to mitigate risks and concerns related to AI, China and the EU are actively driving the regulatory action required to rein in the technology.
Meanwhile, in Europe, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), the bloc's privacy watchdog, set up a task force last month focused on ChatGPT after Italy briefly banned the large language AI model.
The EU Artificial Intelligence Act, which policymakers continue to discuss, will specifically target AI tech. Also last month, Spain's data protection authority, the AEPD, said it had launched a probe into OpenAI to determine if the ChatGPT-maker violated provisions under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
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The Biden administration has noted that AI CEOs have agreed with officials that more work is needed to ensure that appropriate safeguards are established around AI. Several lawmakers have already acknowledged that the country is struggling to catch up with other governments in regulating fast-moving technology.
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