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It ranges in the recent period and with the spread of fake companies that the forex market is a scam, is it so? The forex market is done Deforming it in twisted ways, although it is not worth it, as it is the largest market in the world, but some scam Forex companies have done so By distorting his reputation to appear among some bad reputation traders

How do we avoid scam trading companies and not be a victim of forex scams?

It is not difficult to identify scam forex companies, and we are reviewing a tool that will help you identify fake companies The tool checks technical data on the company's website, the percentage of security for the use of credit cards on it. Who is she Data:

  1. Site safety rate
  2. The country from which the site is administered
  3. Company age
  4. Site Popularity
  5. User comments
To obtain a report about the unlicensed company

Companies under our guarantee


Note: This tool alone is not sufficient to verify the credibility of the broker, in addition to the technical aspect. You should make sure Company licenses, for more information on choosing a reliable forex broker

Al Arabiya TV report About scam companies and licensed companies

You will see in the report what actually happened to you, and the report talks about the two types of companies:

  1. The first type is licensed companies.
  2. The second type is shell companies.
To obtain a report about the unlicensed company

How does forex scam online work?

As for the woman in this market, he may be mistaken, as he actually hears the salesperson speaking from London and Talking about investment currencies and the stock exchange, and have always dreamed of participating in this system and understanding its mysteries, its corridors, and all that lies behind it. Sure, the forex market is profitable, but not in the way this salesperson is talking about, and your journey begins. start investing Simple to go to your account manager, and buy the dream of getting rich quick and you don't know what the sales representative or account manager has in store for you The one I spoke with and I imagine that you know the rest, if you only checked the company's license through an official website, you would have avoided all the fuss. Trusted trading companies read this article With the spread of this phenomenon, it has become a choice A licensed company is especially difficult for new and recently joined forex traders, but we think the process is simple very where you can choose

Forex trading is back to normal

The forex market is the largest market in the world and does not need a sales representative to inflate it or beautify its image With many lies, it is a profitable market if you learn to trade properly and choose the best fixed-leg forex company, and we are in Arinsen, in order to show the appropriate and correct image of this market, and spread the truth in order to protect people's money. And let the scam trading companies avoid, and here we are contributing with what has been transmitted to us to avoid you as a forex scam trader, as well we allocated legal department You can register with it to report Forex scam companies, a service we provide to our clients.

We at ARENSON provide you with the highest degree of transparency, through which you can join a social network Like Facebook for Traders and Experts, everyone can speak publicly with our clients who have been dealing for years with The licensed companies we direct them to. General wall:: Traders exchange experience, recommendations and opinions. Social network: Connects all traders and experts in general.

Real companies Scam companies The difference
Licenses by the most powerful central banks, we can see the license on the site central bank official There are no or they are weak licenses for a remote island. Licenses
The regulatory bodies send an envoy every period to each company, and the call is subject There are strict laws allowed And what is forbidden, for example, is forbidden to guarantee the investor's profit. There are no laws that govern them and they may tempt you with profits The sales
All investors are welcome to visit the branch Be unknown and cannot be visited visit him Headquarters
There is none, and if any, it has nothing to do with determining the trend or the market in a way General, any service employee like Director Your bank account He does anything without control. Account Manager
Prohibited As they like Recommendations
You can do that whenever you want As they see fit Clouds
Only with accounts in the company's commercial name Any account Deposit by remittance
Prohibited Permissible Portfolio management

Finally, forex scamming is nothing but the dark side of the market.

After you know the basic differences between scam Forex and real Forex, and you know the steps for choosing the best Forex company. bit you know There are good companies and bad ones, and the market is good. As for some fraudulent companies, it is they who have affected the reputation of the market. We repeat that we We have developed a social network for the community of traders, and you can trade with the clients around you In the framework of a transparent social network and to choose the same companies they trade with and see their license, if you are determined to Investing in the forex market properly

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