Arincen is based on respect for privacy and we have not and will not share any personal information with any third party under any circumstances and any personal information shared with us is completely secure and below is the site's privacy policy


About us


Arincen is a financial services site that will help investors to succeed in the trading process. The site is managed from our offices in UK and there is no third party responsible for our personal information. We collect personal information in several ways that we will explain in detail


The privacy policy means personal information that appears when you visit a section of the site, register on the site, or share it with us in other ways

As long as you use our site, it means that you agree to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy, so you should read it carefully.


Continuous updates to the privacy policy


It is possible that after modifications to the privacy policy of the site will be made in the future and we will note that, so please review the privacy policy from time to time

You will be notified of updates to the Privacy Policy if it is changed or changed

Privacy Policy Updated September 10, 2020


What personal data do we collect?


The data that you register with on the site

When registering on the site

If you decide to create an account, you will need to provide us with certain personal data so that we can give you access to our additional services for users to benefit from. You may also choose to provide us with additional information about yourself, as described below


When you register, share with us


Your username*


You can link your account to social media (optional) *

Your mobile phone number (optional)*


What other members see:

Your photo and it is possible to choose an avatar*

* user name


Hidden information of other members


*Any personal data, your email or mobile phone number

Contact Data


In addition to other personal data you provide to us, such as another phone number, your nickname, and so on...




Browser cookies are used for administrative, statistical and development purposes, and cookies allow us to provide you with a better user experience. More detailed information about the use of cookies can be found in our website's cookie policy.


Device protocol address

Most websites, we use server log files or protocol address The data in our log files includes IP addresses that help us in the statistical aspect of website development

They are also used to administer the site, provide information about visits to the site for planning purposes, and ensure that the Terms of Service agreement are respected.


Device information


And it is known through the IP of the device from which we know from which country you are browsing the site, your browser type and operating system


What do we use this personal information for?


This information helps us to develop the site, its sections, and the services that are provided to customers, and the greater benefit is to be administrative to manage the site in an optimal and statistical manner for the growth of the site.

As long as you are browsing the site, you implicitly agree to the use of your personal data as explained before


The importance of cookies


A set of data shows us, from which we know which countries are the most visited to the site, the number of minutes of viewing, and the different preferences for each of the sections, which leads to an improvement in the level of service and upgrading the site.


When you register a new account on the site, you will have a page where you can share the information or opinions you want with other members


contact information


Your contact information such as your username, email address or phone number is used as follows:


*Essential data to prevent impersonation or fraud

*Provide advice and assistance if you wish

*Welcome message to the E-mail


Website development


Your personal data is used mainly for the purpose of developing the website as follows:


*Improve the site and respond to complaints and suggestions

*What visitors like and dislike

*Develop and improve the level of our services

*Expand more sections of the site


Simply put, the privacy policy of arincen is to use the personal data of customers legally, legitimately and ethically for the purpose of developing the level of service provided to customers only, nothing more, and this data is not shared with any other party and you must first agree to the terms and conditions, which please read carefully


Cases of sharing your personal data


With brokers only in the case of your request. When you fill out an account opening form for a broker, we will send him your personal data in order to open a trading account with him, and that is at your request and not voluntarily from us.


General data on the site


Profile page


When you register a new account on our site, other members can see and browse your profile and only see your personal information that you allow them to see from the account settings and you can also enjoy all our services, whether signal, analyzes, reports, economic news, educational and educational content and other services


You can follow other members or experts and see their ideas and what they share, whether topics, signals, analyzes ... etc.


Site content


You or members can share all you want from the trading ideas of the market, comment, like, share different opinions and mutual benefit from everyone


User data security


We use the latest technologies, means, shields and various algorithms to protect user data of site visitors and prevent their sharing with any other party and the latest forms of data encryption and firewalls and block them from any person or other party and make sure the lock icon is at the top left of the screen next to the site link, which is evidence of your secure connection

Within our offices, we only allow authorized personnel to view personal information

We strive to keep our users' data safe with the best and latest protection methods


People living within the European Union


Arincen has main offices in UK and has representative offices in the Arab region. The information collected through the official website is stored by servers in America, the European Union and others, according to what was previously explained, which is important for the use of our website, knowing that the data may be transferred between our offices in order to provide better service.


Remembering that some of these countries do not have the same legal standard of protection on personal information as in the European Union, but we are keen to take the necessary measures for the safety of personal information when you move to a country outside the European Union with a high level of protection such as Amazon Web Services??? And officially approved by the United States Department of Commerce, which transmits information securely from the European Union.

Margin trading such as Forex, Currency and CFDs carries significant risks to your investor's capital. Before deciding to trade forex or any other financial instrument you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Arincen is not responsible for losses or damages as a result of reliance on the information contained on this website including data, currency rates, charts, buy and sell indicators and signals on the platform. The arincen website is managed from our offices in UK. Dealing with the companies we deal with, namely fxdd, icm capital and xtb, can cost you as a client simple commissions, which are different according to the size of the contract (lot) you choose on each transaction and according to the asset you choose from among the various assets offered in each broker, without any commission The additional being that you open the account through the arincen website

Cookie Policy (“ Cookie Policy” )  Cookies and other technologies used by Incen LTD. This policy for these cookies is part of the Arincen Privacy Policy.

When you visit the Site for the first time, you will be asked to consent to the use of cookies on the Site in accordance with this Cookie Policy and, if you agree, we will add them  to your computer.


What is a cookie?


Cookies are short text files that websites use to make their users experience more efficient and effective.

The law states that cookies may be stored on your device. If presence is important to the operation of the site. For all remaining cookies we need your consent.

The site uses different types of cookies. Some cookies are placed by third-party services that appear on our pages such as: Twitter, Facebook, Google...etc.

You can at any time change or delete your consent to the cookie declaration on our website.


How do we use cookies?


·        The main essential cookies: they are files that are used to enable visitors to the site to make the best use of the user. They are essential files for ease of browsing and enjoyment of its features and navigation from one page to another. Without cookies, there will be no ability to browse the site from the ground up, and they are essential for browsing The various sections of the site, and without them, there will be no use of the site, as it is essential and cannot be rejected.

·        Functional cookies: These cookies are used to remember specific choices made by the user (eg username, user language, country/region, etc.) and provide enhanced and customized features to users based on this data.

·        Performance/Analytics Cookies: They are used to identify and count visitors to the site, to collect statistics regarding how visitors move within the site (such as the number of page views, number of visitors, and time a user spends on each page) and to track conversion rate and click-through of hotspots. This helps us to improve the way our site works and to improve the user experience. For example, these cookies allow us to ensure that users can easily find what they need.

·        Advertising cookies: These cookies are used to display ads related to your preferences.

·        Integration Cookies: used to integrate third-party services on the Site such as videos, maps or social networks.

·        Third Party Cookies: Some parts of the Site use, but are not limited to, new trading tools that use content provided by other sites. Third party websites may set their own cookies in some cases. Please keep in mind that we have no control over third party cookies. You can turn it off by disabling it in your browser. For more information, you can see the "How to control cookies" section below


How to control cookies

By default in most browsers, cookies are automatically accepted, and it is possible from your browser settings to disable them or to alert you when you access cookies, which if you disable or do not allow them, it is possible that you may not be able to browse some sections of the site as required You will never be able to browse it

It has nothing to do with arincen for her gains or losses 

All services provided by arincen, including signals, technical reports, educational and educational materials, analyzes, research, or any other service, are non-binding, and they are just ideas that our staff share with you, and all responsibility for managing the account rests with you, whether you make a profit or incur losses.

We advise before placing any financial position in the portfolio to study the matter well and not to follow any signals, analysis or anything else that contradicts your convictions because arincen is not responsible for any losses that occur in your account, directly or indirectly, whether through any information contained on the site or For any other reason.


We always signal a lot of training and learning due to the weight of the necessary skills during the trading process, not taking risks and following the different methods of good capital management and studying any idea / signals / analysis / news ... etc. well before implementing it on the portfolio

Risk Warning: Forex, Currency and CFD Trading involves significant risk to your investor capital, before you decide Trading in foreign exchange or any other financial instrument you must think carefully about your investment goals and level Experience, and willingness to take risks. Arincen will not accept any liability for losses or damages arising from reliance on the information Contained on this site including data, currency rates, charts, buy and sell indicators and recommendations On the platform. The Arincen website is managed from our offices in UK. Dealing with companies that we deal with namely Fxdd, Icm capital and Xtb may charge you as a client different commissions depending on the size of the contract (lot) that you choose on each trade. According to the asset that you choose from among the different assets offered in each broker, without any additional commission as you open the account Via the Arincen website